Duration of Course
3 Weekends
5 Days Mon-Fri

Previous Knowledge assumed
Coastal/Yachtmaster or similar standard

Qualification Aim
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean shorebased Certificate
Course Content
Astro-navigation, ocean meteorology and passage planning
Assessment papers during course
Student / teacher ratio
8:1 maximum
Hamble / Solent
01489 577383



Having successfully mastered Coastal/Yachtmaster navigation you are now well equipped to join the Yachtmaster Ocean course and be privilege to the ingenuity of the great navigators.

With the proliferation of electronic aids, there has been a re-awakening of how a Yachtsman can position himself without relying on technology. This course aims to provide the candidate with the intensive training required to meet this challenge.

Our instructors are carefully chosen to impart this timeless art of navigation. You will be able to take pride in fixing your position using only the knowledge of the heavenly bodies using the equipment little changed since the days of Nelson


Yachtmaster Ocean Theory
5 Day Course £455
Over 3 weekends £525

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