Duration; One day All requirements of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Short Range Certificate are covered by this course. It includes operation of VHF/DSC, EPIRB, Navtext and SART.
Previous Knowledge; None,although knowledge Phonetic Alphabet & pre-course study of RYA VHF Radio (Inc GMDSS) booklet G22/99 is recommended.
Course Price; £100.00
(plus £20.00 licence fee)
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This one day course is aimed at seagoing people who wish to obtain the RYA VHF - Short Range Certificate.
  You will learn;-
  How to operate a VHF and VHF-DSC radio
  How to make intership and calls to coastal radio stations
  How to send safety, urgency, and distress message
  Basic understanding of Navtex, EPIRB and SART
Candidates will be assessed throughout the day. Successful candidates will be sent their VHF restricted operator's certificate from the RYA
Candidates MUST bring along a passport size photograph of themselves
Topics covered:
  What is GMDSS - Sea areas, type of equipment and Maritime Mobile Service Identity
  Operation of VHF radio with Digital Selected Calling (DSC) - Features and functions of VHF radios including hands-on of RYA approved DSC computer simulator
  Calls and calling - Routine calls to other vessels and coast radio station
  Raising the Alarm - Procedure for making distress, urgency, and safety calls
  Navtex, EPIRBs and SARTS - What they are and how to use them